“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member… is the Team.”


The great thing about collaboration is that it shows no prejudice. It fits anywhere and does not target one; nor go in one direction. It’s about working together. In business, it’s about keeping your clients, your co-workers and your associates informed and up to date with a collaborative goal to complete the task. Key words; a “collaborative goal”. We work together with our field team, our admin team and our clients for a common goal. This goal is to meet and exceed expectations; to make their job easier. I strive to build client collaboration. I share with my team effective practices. We have a responsibility to make client communication easy, be consistent in replies, set milestones, share the progress, involve the client and be open. With our team, we set expectations, practice equal participation and use our combined experience and knowledge. I came on board here to find that this collaborative spirit of engaging with each other productively and effectively welcomed me at the door. And, I very much look forward to a successful working relationship across the board! Cheers!